I have 4 girls and 1 boy. My oldest is 11 and the youngest will be 4 in November. Yes, had 5 babies in 8 years. I didn't heal fully inbetween, I loved being pregnant. 3 years after my youngest I am still recovering.

Going a little further back into my hormonal journay. In college I over worked myself mentally and physically I actually gained weight and lost my period for 6 months. The only solution from the doctor was birth control, that didn't feel good and stopped after only a month. I have followed a healthy lifestyle most of my life but struggled after the loss of my period and weight gain to feel "normal" again.


I felt the most amazing and actually back to "normal" when I was pregnant! Looking back I see now that it had to do with the change in hormones and less up and down during the normal cycle of the month. It took many years of trial and error to figure out the pattern and recently learned even more detailed information about the menstrual cycle. I couldn't believe it took until almost 40 to know this information! I believe this knowledge is required during these changed in a womans life. This program was created to educate mothers to empower your daughters with knowledge of their own bodies. Receiving this knowledge will empower you to questions. You will be her resource of informaiton. This will insure clear and factual informaiton and tool for both of you to find out more. Blossom and Flow will share strategies to open lines of communication for all the young women in you life!!<

The flow of the 4 week program.

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