Felecia has been dancing and performing since 1994. She received her BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from the University of Montana. She is the artistic director of ImmeDance in Brooklyn, New York. Felecia's work has been presented in New York City at Dance New Amsterdam's Works In Progress and Raw Material, Peri Dance's Independent Choreographer's series: Wax Works, Hatch,and Dance OFF! at PS122. Felecia danced with Banana Peel Dance and currently creates her own work and teachs in Staten Island

Inspired by music and unique beats, Felecia's choreography and improvisation reaches for an internal and honest response to the music while developing an internal rhythm within the body. Her work is emotionally centered, allowing the audience access to a personal internal dialogue. Felecia works with an eclectic vocabulary of movement styles and an intuitive play with specific body initiation, negative space, and variation in timing. She creates dance that is able to morph then flow, expand and contract, seem weightless and then heavy. The movement emerges from bone and muscle, finding its beginning and end in the proximal body, as well as the distal edges of the kinesphere. The movement is voluminous, inspired by pop culture and hip hop, while incorporating intricate gestures, inversions and floor work, as well as large, flowing movements based on the body and its relationship to gravity. 


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